New calling, texting rules start today

Starting today, the NCAA will allow Division I men’s basketball coaches to exchange unlimited calls and text messages with high school recruits who have finished their sophomore year. Currently, they can (in short … don’t make me bore you with all the details) make one call a month and can’t text at all.

The South Dakota State staff, for one, has its thumbs at the ready.

"The more they deregulate it, the more it will allow us to outwork people," coach Scott Nagy said.

Yes, now coaches can call, text, IM or email a kid as if they are BFFs. It should help cultivate relationships as well as preventing the NCAA from wasting its time trying to police secondary rules violations. But Nagy thinks there might be as much value in not hearing from a kid.

"It’s a way for kids to eliminate people," he said, "because it’s easier to say, ‘Hey, I’m not interested’ in a text rather than telling them on the phone. Or if they’re not answering the texts, that can send a message, too.
"It may help us. If we’re texting kids and they’re not responding, it may save us time."

It may also give them carpal tunnel. That is, I’ve practically grown skin over my iPhone, and I’m not (usually) doing anything as important as recruiting. Deregulation may come at a price – the loss of sanity for text-obsessed coaches and recruits. 


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