Dance, dance revolution

The South Dakota State athletic department has a new marketing and promotions guru, and (outdated reference alert) – like Humpty from Digital Underground – he even has his own dance. Sort of.

Eric Hrubes was part of the crew at Northern Iowa that incorporated the Interlude Dance. Here’s a clip, if you aren’t familiar.

Basically, a couple students pitched the idea to him. He said they could try it during halftime of a women’s basketball game as long as they brought along at least 100 friends. They bettered that and wowed the crowd with their routine. It has since become a staple at most UNI sporting events, made national news and circled YouTube.

Is Hrubes going to try to bring that to Brookings? Not necessarily. Among the things he learned from the rise of the Interlude Dance: “Don’t turn (ideas) down and don’t press it on the people.”

To that end, UNI didn’t teach fans the dance – they let that happen organically. And it did. Now, even the old folks are into it.

As for his plans at SDSU, Hrubes just started his job Monday and has yet to attend a sporting event – so specifics will take time. But he has a general philosophy in mind.

"I just want to keep up with the South Dakota State tradition that’s going on," the Iowa native said. "Everything’s going great, it’s just how can we enhance it and improve everything and increase attendance at all of our home game.s I’m really big on atmosphere."

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