Inside the Cody Larson waiver


Kathy Heylens remains uncertain if South Dakota State men’s basketball player Cody Larson will be granted a one-time transfer exception waiver by the NCAA. Still, the Jackrabbits associate athletic director for compliance is as plugged in to the process as anybody. Where are things at? Let’s dig in:

* The waiver application was filed online in late July. It included letters from Larson, Heylens, SDSU coach Scott Nagy and the staff at Florida – where Larson used to play – along with details pertinent to this specific transfer. Heylens said the decision is all-encompassing meaning the NCAA considers, among other things, the schools and conferences involved, academic standing and legal issues. It took Heylens - who aims to be judicious when deciding whether or not to apply for waivers in part because the NCAA keeps count – three weeks to compile the information, trying to ensure that it was as complete as possible. She also did advance legwork, seeking advice from the chair of a legislative committee that she’s a part of.

* Roughly 10 days ago, the NCAA got back to Heylens to ask for additional documentation from Larson. (She declined to go into specifics of what they want.) The Roosevelt grad is in the process of collecting that. Once he does, Heylens will submit the info online. A ruling should be made within a week of that.
There are two possible outcomes: 1) Larson is declared eligible for the 2013-14 and can play two season or 2) he has to sit out 2013-14 and can play only in 2014-15. 

* Heylens said that she usually has a gut feeling about waiver outcomes, and is right maybe 95 percent of the time. But, again, she’s uncertain about this case despite being comfortable with the way SDSU put it together.
On the flip side, she’s of the mind that the NCAA of late has been more lenient in allowing one-time transfer exceptions.
"It has to be an extenuating circumstance," she explained, "and it’s relative to the student-athlete’s well being."  

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